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Part 1: How to use a SE2200A Condenser Microphone/Tapco Mix60/Over an OldSkool Trap Beat & Recording

Part 1: The Intro/The Equipment/Software/How to Record...

During these videos I'm demonstrating the process of how an Artist could make a Tune from Start to finish... using an Old Skool type Trap beat I built called "Risky Business" (c) using D.A.W (Digital Audio Device) "Reasons 10" by Propellerhead. The Lyrics are from a song I wrote called "Big Tingz" - (c)

Im using an "SE2200A Condenser Microphone"/Via a "Tapco Mix60 - Mixer" giving out high quality recordings!!

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How to Correct a TP Error on a HSC-14 Portable Air Conditioner

For more information about our HSC-14 units, visit us online: https://www.priorityrental.com/airrex-hsc-14/

Our technician walks you through the steps of correcting a TP error for our HSC-14 and HSC-18 1 and 2 ton units. TP stands for tank placement. Customers are usually able to correct this error on their own by adjusting the reservoir inside the air conditioner.

To the view the transcript of this video, visit our blog post: https://www.priorityrental.com/correcting-a-tp-error/

sE Electronics SE2200A Cardioid Condenser Microphone

The sE Electronics SE2200A Cardioid Condenser Microphone at Front End Audio. For more info visit http://www.frontendaudio.com/sE-Electronics-sE2200A-p/3135.htm. The sE2200A studio condenser mic draws on and improves the incredible specifications that won the original sE2200 so many awards around the world.Utilising the much acclaimed sE 1" gold vacuum plated diaphragm, the electronics are all new and much improved offering low self generating noise and therefore a better signal to noise ratio.The sE2200a has a low cut filter, 10dB pad and also comes complete with a very rugged aluminium shock mount and flight case.With improved chassis design and cosmetics, you can now have all the versatility of the original sE2200 with improved performance for the same incredible price.




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